Reflections on The Capitol Terrorist Attack

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I have been personally recovering from the wave of terrorism in this country. What happened on Wednesday, January 06, 2021, was something no one can forget. This statement is reflecting of the sedition that the terrorists caused. The United States is handling things while Biden is not in office. The republican party has incited violence. It was a massive tragedy that is not condonable or justifiable. They have continued to infer that the harm will continue until they get their way.

Many people are starting to question how to better address the systemic inequities this country is facing. Our Democracy was attacked when domestic terrorists, who started a Civil War in this country, stormed the US Capitol on January 06, 2021. The process and action was dealt with, but with many errors in due process.

An organization, such as Fierce Autistics and Allies, has been working diligently in Florida to prevent harm to the autistic community. This action involves work done by FAA that has allocated training of police to prevent police brutality, to prevent harm towards autistic children, to educate folks about how vaccines do not cause autism, to inform folks that not all treatments are viable/reliable/safe, to educate parents, professionals, etc., about behaviorism, and more. This is something that is making this country safe, but not safe enough. FAA cannot do the work alone, and the work that is done through nonprofits cannot be the only way that we address systemic inequities. When I notice that the autistic community’s suicide rate, which is still at 72%, still has not gone down, I start to worry. The disability community, as well as the neurodivergent community, which is a part of the disability community, have suffered much inequity, harm, violence, abuse, and more. The Trump administration has done barely any work to address the harms that the disability community have experienced. Policy work has not improved morale, or even been acknowledged enough by the Republican party. Other organizations, like FAA, such as AIM USA, the Autistic Self-Advocacy Network, the Autistic Women and Nonbinary Network, Ramp Your Voice, Communication First, The Arc, ADAPT, and many more have been helping the disability community, but the work is not enough. We need better policies, better support, and better leadership.

Multiply Disabled and Neurodivergent BIPOC (Black and Indigenous People of Color) Activists in the United States, such as Imani Barbarin, Amanda Seigler, Vilissa Thompson, Alice Wong, Lydia X.Z. Brown, Ben McGann, Hari Srinivasan, and many many others have continuously spoken out against the racism in this country. Macro-aggressions continue to be seen as the noticeable form of racism, which is ever-problematic in this country, simply because micro-aggressions are not seen and are not as visible. While I am white and am not going to center myself, it’s highly encouraged that folks like the ones mentioned above and others are heard. Please donate to and give time to these folks.

Police Brutality is a problem in this country, but it is not the only form of macro-aggression that is caused by racism, as I’ve learned. Racism is intersectional, meaning, people with multiple and many intersections of their identity face the most and the largest amount of systemic oppression and violence. Meaning, ableism, queerphobia, racism, xenophobia, anti-semitism, etc. can all occur at the same time. What happened at the Capitol was intentional, Trump did not act to prevent it, and condoned and incited violence. Because of elections, the Trumpers stormed the Capitol. Politics aside, this was sedition. It was something that no one could prevent in time because of how some of this country’s politicians and terrorists planned the attack.

Politics aside, this country is fed up and outraged at the violence. May the United States learn from this. May the US hopefully continue to prevail and help its citizens. I will not and do not condone what happened on January 06, or any form of intentional racism– macro or micro, towards marginalized voices and groups. Reform is happening, but not fast enough while the violence keeps occurring. What will it take for Americans to address racism sooner?

The breaking of windows, the killing, the super spreading, the harassment, etc., of fascists will not seemingly end. History repeats itself over and over again, and not enough Americans want to take action in public appearances. Leadership is not being heard enough during these tragic, harmful times. Biden has a lot of pressure to bring this country back on it’s feet. The autistic community dealt with many tragedies in 2020, and many successes. We shutdown the Genesis ll church of scientology, which contained MMS sales done by anti-vaxxers and bleachers. MMS is a banned product and is illegal to sell in the United States. We mourned over the loss of several people, including the death of Mel Baggs, who had been a very prominent and important disability justice advocate in the autistic and disability communities. We dealt with Sia attacking the autistic community over Twitter, as well as J.K. Rowling. And yet, the violence continues. We have much as human beings to learn about compassion, love, forgiveness, and more. Even those of us who are activists do. It wouldn’t be effective without personal growth from leaders.

Join me? Sure. How? Make your voice louder. Don’t be afraid to lose your job if your boss is a pro-Trumper (or convince the board to replace that person), report Capitol Rioters to the FBI, make petitions and policies that implement disability acceptance, whatever that means for your disability-specific community, or if you’re not-disabled, whatever that means for you to be able to earn the ability to be called an ally. Trumpers, Fascists, and Dictators will not win. They cannot turn this country into a Republic, simply because forgiveness and compassion are very incredibly important for education, accountability, and healing.

Both in person riots and super spreaders, as well as online harassments and attacks have contributed to the continuous notion that America is “great”. Many white Americans are still learning what racism is. We as human beings need to do better on this planet.

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