About Lindsay:

I’m a disability and neurodiversity justice and rights activist, advocate, trainer, consultant, and educator.

Hello!! Thanks for coming to my site. I personally value anti-capitalist and social justice work, which means that much of my work is done because I enjoy it. I cannot speak for racism, so my work always involves others implementing feedback into what I work on. I really value the chance to work with you either as an autistic, neurodivergent ally, or able-bodied person to improve your understanding of disability and neurodiversity as a whole from a social justice lens. I work for an organization called Autistic Inclusive Meets USA, which is a 501(c)(3) dedicated to equity, services, and rights for autistic people in the United States. My background comes from central Virginia. I am originally from Maryland. My bachelor’s degree comes from Lynchburg, Virginia in Theater, with an emphasis in acting from Randolph College. I began advocacy work in 2014 in VA, and joined the Autistic Cooperative in 2018 remotely. Since then, I have valued improving equity, and continue social justice work not just for disabled folks, but for allies’ further understanding of disability and neurodiversity as well. My work is done remotely! Please note: any in-person services must be done after COVID-19 vaccines are released.


This is an abbreviated resume for privacy. For the full document, please contact me.

Lindsay Mohler
Individual email (anyone can contact me here): thecreativeautistic@gmail.com
FAA Email (to contact me through my organization for org work only): autisticinclusivemeetsusa@gmail.com
Phone #: please email me through my individual email above for my phone number only if we are working together and end up making phone calls. I don’t give my phone number to just anyone for privacy reasons.
Twitter: lindsaymohler
Org Site: Autistic Inclusive Meets USA
EXPERIENCE (Past and Present):

Autistic Inclusive Meets, USA (AIM USA): Director of Education and Development, remote work in Lake Worth, FL. December 26, 2019 was the start of FAA, and once we merged with AIM USA, that began in March 2021 to present. I do data collection and analysis, store data and articles, create, store, and gather resources, will be providing training courses and am the graphic designer for the org’s social media, and other tasks. I also co-created the org’s Mentorship program, as well as the Online Conferences for AIM USA. I work with everyone in the board, but closely with AIM’s Programs Director mainly, as well as the Social Media Director, Policy Analyst, and Director of Community Engagement. I advocate regularly to professionals and educators.

The Autistic Cooperative: Member and Advocate. Remote Work online on Facebook, Twitter, and through my blog, The Creative Autistic. June 2018 – Present. I provide individual consultation, advocacy, resources, do data collection and analysis. I also work with researchers, therapists, and educators on articles, create and gather resources, will be providing training courses, and I advocate for autism, disability and neurodiversity individually as a whole. My advocacy has also been through parents, and allies as well.


Fierce Autistics and Allies (FAA): FAA in March of 2021 merged with AIM. Autistic Inclusive Meets, which is located in the UK, started a US branch. FAA started on December 26, 2019, and was an org dedicated to social justice, equity, and more for the autistic community.

Alverno College: Guest Speaker for their Graduate Music Therapy Program class on Intersectionality. Freelance, Remote work with provided resources and video recordings for the topic of Disability Culture and Ableism, and how that fits in with Music Therapy. September 2020- November 2020.

Fierce Autistics and Allies: Facebook Live, remote. Discussion on Neurodiversity, Activism, and how to Improve Equity. Video involves advocacy and a group discussion.

Any other work experience can be found through contacting me.
Randolph College
Bachelor’s Degree in Theatre, with an emphasis in Acting
Memberships I have can be found out via contacting me.

Certificate: Click here
Issuing authority: Kaya Educational Services
Issued date: Nov 2020
Expiration Date: N/A

Mentoring for Mentors Certificate
Certificate: Click here
Issuing authority: Kaya Educational Services
Issued date: Nov 2020
Expiration Date: N/A

Self-Guided Foundational Safe Zone Training
Certificate: Click here
Issuing authority: The Safe Zone Project
Issued date: Nov 2020
Expiration Date: N/A

Other achievements can be found via contacting me.

Published Contributions

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