Want to book me? Please see my Calendar below and get in touch with me. Note: If I am booked and it says booked for the month that you’re trying to receive my services, I am booked that month, unless I have a cancelation. If there is a cancelation, I will put it on my site as an announcement. If you’d like to be on a waiting list, please note: I don’t do waiting lists. I have other priorities I have to focus on that are in my nonprofit. The nonprofit work is separate from this site and my individual work.


My work isn’t free. The exceptions I make can be found under the services page, and those forms to apply for are for low-income folks and not-for-profit nonprofits. Please email me to discuss pricing either before or after you are figuring out what you’d like from me. I am willing to negotiate and advocate. After this, and you’ve agreed to my Terms of Service and what you would like to see, I will work out payment communication with you via Venmo, cash, or check. You are obligated to pay me after the service is done. If the work is remote, I highly recommend that you not mail me cash or check (this is because sometimes mail gets stolen and I personally am unable to be responsible for what happens to your mail). Please also provide me with a Fiscal Commitment once you’ve decided what you’d like after we discuss the budget. Otherwise, I have the right to refuse service. I always also include preparation time in the fee. I will include an invoice as well (if requested or if I ask and you say yes).


January, 2021:


February, 2021:


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May 2021:


June, 2021:

Announcement: Transition Period from a sole proprietorship to an LLC. No more for the time being, but I am continuing the freelance work later this year. Please contact me for any questions. I am continuing this work with others. You may of course reach me through this website, or through

Payment: If I never got back to you about payment: please do not worry about it. I was going through a major life transition between April into June.

Thank you for your patience.

Get in Touch

I will give my phone number if I need to call you once you email about an inquiry. Any pricing can be discussed after you contact me. Booking me for any services will have to be through a calendar date, and scheduled ahead of time.

If you need to ask a question, please feel free to reach out to me. Please note: if I don’t get back to you right away, I apologize in advance. Some days are busier than others.

Note: I have the right, at any time, to refuse service to you if I am harassed, threatened, stalked, or mocked, etc.

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