Transition Period from a sole proprietorship to an LLC. No more for the time being, but I am continuing the freelance work later this year. Please contact me for any questions. I am continuing this work with others. You may of course reach me through this website, or through


If I never got back to you about payment: please do not worry about it. I was going through a major life transition between April into June.

Thank you for your patience.

I offer plenty of opportunities for change. They are listed below. I also do not own a business license yet, but it is a goal. Want to help make that possible? Fees will not be listed on the site. Please email me for you to be able to work out payment with me. I will do the service for free if you absolutely cannot pay me (I need proof) or are a nonprofit that is a not-for-profit nonprofit. A form for that can be found here for low income, and a form can be found here for nonprofit.


I provide advocacy for disability and neurodiversity. I have 7+ years with experience in disability advocacy, and started in 2014. My knowledge and experience is not from the classroom alone, and is also from the community. I don’t just focus on disability in my advocacy, I include a social justice, cultural, economic, human rights, and identity models of disability and approach to my advocacy in order to acknowledge intersectionality and address hegemonic systems in society.

Public Speaking

I have experience in guest and visiting lectures and presentations through guest panels, video recordings, podcasts, interviews, and live presentations remotely and in person. My Bachelor’s degree was in Theater, so I am quite comfortable with Public Speaking. I am used to stage performance, and have been trained in theater/music diction, including the Lesaac and Linklater Methods, and the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) method. I also have been extensively trained in the Alexander Technique for stage performance through classes and workshops.


Consultations: Want to work with me through an individual plan? Please contact me via this site. I can coach and educate, or mentor you through individual discussion on specific topics. If there is something you haven’t learned about or want to know about, then please feel free to book me. I am able to be contacted about any of the following topics, how they are a part of identity, and how they benefit or harm the person in society: psychology, sociology, human development with developmental disabilities, the history of the disability community, autism, ADHD, sensory processing disabilities, dyspraxia, executive dysfunction, PDA (Pathological Demand Avoidance), dyscalculia, echolalia, palilalia, behaviorism, types of therapies and what types are less ableist, the education system and how it is failing disabled folks, neurodiversity, disability, social justice, systemic oppression, discrimination, implicit bias, research, advocacy, and more.


In the future I will be providing training individually after I create training courses for my organization. Apologies, but thanks for your patience in advance. This description will be updated eventually. Training courses will be necessary to address implicit bias, ableism in the workplace, in schools, and in the therapy space.


Want to know how to better improve your organization’s mission, programs, services, etc.? I can help, and I am willing to be a guide in improving your nonprofit program to make it work for you. I have experience in this work, as I helped FAA start up. I will work with you to implement material you may not have considered or implemented. When I started a nonprofit with others, I had not worked in a Director Role prior to working for the nonprofit. Ever since I’ve learned a lot, and I want to be able to bring that to the table to help you make your experience with building a nonprofit more equitable.


Want better feedback on how you’re conducting research, or how you may better address implicit bias? I have experience in gathering data, conducting research, storing data, analyzing data, and explaining it to folks who may not fully understand what the article is communicating. I also know what each fallacy means in research terminology, and addressing implicit bias is key for the research fields to improve right now. Need me to review an article for you? My time is meant to help you and your process. I can help address language, fallacies, and other errors that may be occurring. No paper will ever be perfect. I am willing to look over both research proposals and research papers.

Therapy or Professional Practice

I can review your understanding and knowledge of disability culture and neurodiversity to make sure you’re benefitting your client, private practice, etc. in more ethical ways. What I will ask is that you respect HIPAA, which means that all I can do is talk about ableism, disability culture, and what that may look like, but what I cannot do is get to know that client or ask for that client’s information.


I can review your understanding and knowledge of disability culture to make sure you’re benefitting your students, classroom, etc. in more ethical ways. How are you accommodating your students? Like the therapy practice section information to the left, I don’t need to know who the student is. What I will ask is that you respect FERPA and HIPAA, which means that all I can do is talk about ableism, disability culture, and what that may look like, but what I cannot do is get to know that student or ask for that student’s information.


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Let’s build something together.