Transition Phase: Coming Soon

These are the services we will be providing for you all soon. Here is a sneak peek! 

Will add captions soon

Our Introduction to Neurodiversity:

I cannot reveal details yet until we get our business fully set up, but that was a sneak peek!! If you would like to work with us in the future, please note: our business is not up and running yet. In the mean time, I am going to post some resources here for folks to have a beginning in the understanding of neurodiversity.

Resources Available:

  1. Nick Walker’s Website on Neuroqueering: Walker, N.(2021). Neuroqueer: The Writings of Dr. Nick Walker.

  2. Jim Sinclair’s Essay: Sinclair, S. (1993). Don’t Mourn For Us. Autism Network International.

  3. The US’ First Autistic-led Organization, Autism Network Interational (ANI shutdown in 2013): Sinclair, J., Shelly, S. (1990).

  4. The Autistic Archive (an archival of the Neurodiversity Movement): Eidle, I. (2021). Autistic Archive. Google Sites.

  5. Kassiane Asasumasu coined the words Neurodivergent and Neurodivergence: Asasumasu, K. (2010). Radical Neurodivergence Speaking. Blogger.

  6. Antivaxxers, Quack Autism Cures, and More: Seigler, A. (2019). Fierce Autie. Blogger.

  7. Jessica Leza’s La Migdalia Music Therapy Bookshop: Leza, J. (2020). La Migdalia Music Therapy Bookshop.

  8. Jessica Leza’s Etsy Shop: Leza, J. (2019). La Migdalia Neurodivergent and Homestead Arts. Etsy.

  9. Jessica Leza’s Website: Leza, J. (2021). Jessica Leza, Board Certified Music Therapist. WordPress.

  10. Ko-Fi Accounts for financial support to keep our work going:

    – Lindsay: Click here: Mohler, L. (2021). The Creative Autistic, Buy a Coffee for Lindsay Mohler, Ko-Fi.

    – Jessica: Click here: Leza, J. (2021). Jessica Leza, Music Therapist / Artist, Buy a Coffee for Jessica Leza. Ko-Fi.

Any more resources we have can be added later on to a page we are curating and adding later to the site, titled: ‘Neurodiversity Resources’.

If you would like to receive more information and resources, please email me (Lindsay) below using the form.