Lindsay’s Schedule

What Do You Need?

  1. Lindsay’s Workload:
  2. Future Presentations:
    • Alverno College Undergraduate Music Therapy Program: Music Therapy Lab Class
      • An Introduction to Neurodiversity and Neuroqueering on September 14, 2021. Remote.
    • Voices Panel Interview (International Music Therapy Journal): Panelist with Jessica Leza, Maren Metell, Beth Pickard, Grace Thompson, Cochavit Elefant, and Efrat Roginsky,
      • Interview style Panel in Fall or Winter of 2021. Pre-recorded video.
    • Availability: Open
  3. Trainings/CE’s:
    • Working on them at the moment.
    • Availability: Closed
  4. Other Services:
    • Podcast with Aucademy, remote interview style.
      • Fall 2021
    • Book author
      • 2022
    • Availability: Open
  5. Working as a Full Time Freelancer, Pursuing Second Bachelor’s for Sociology in 2022.
  6. Please contact them on this website if you’d like to work with her. Thank you.